Ordinances & Resolutions


19730727 Creating Office of Municipal Judge
19691009 Local Sales Tax Election
19890831 Time Limit of City Liability
19991209 Zoning
11989 No Loitering
11889A National Incident Management System
12894 Control of Animals
122195 Regulation of Sexually Oriented Businesses
31596 Zoning
41191A Control of Animals Rabies
41191B Mobile Itinerant Business Permits
41191C Business Permits
41685 Annexation of Territory
52490 Records Management System
7893 TXU Franchise Amendment
2-80 Establishing Police Department
3-80 Adoption of Vernons Annotated Texas Civil Statutes
10-73 Commercial Building Permits
20-82 Prohibiting Display of False ID Cards or Papers
21-82 Proposed Annexation Hearings
21-83 Annexation of Territory
22-83 Prohibiting the Discharge or Sale of Fireworks
2009-01 Ad Valorem Property Tax
2009-03 Dumping Depositing Leaving Refuse Garbage or Junk
2009-04 Junked Vehicles
2009-05 REV.A Dangerous Buildings
2010-01 Mobile Homes
2010-02 REV.A Local Sales Tax Election
2010-03 Keeping of Animals
2010-04 Coin Operated Electronic Game Machines
2011-01 Economic Development Corporation
2011-03 Flood Damage Prevention
2011-04 Portable Dwellings
2012-01 Possession and or Sales of Dangerous Substances
2013-02 Wrecker Impound Government Entity Fee
2013-03 Municipal Court Building Security Fund
2013-04 Municipal Court Technology Fund
2016-02 REV.A Zoning and Related
2018-03 Business Permits
2018-04 Building Permits
2018-06 Unwholesome Conditions
2023-0001 Prohibiting the Discharge or Sale of Fireworks
2023-0003 Animal Control
2023-0002 No Engine Brake